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Disgusting ! “Faux Fur” found in the hi-fi boot shops.

Pets are one of the adorable creatures in the world nobody can resist from that, but there are some hardened persons who use the pets for profits by killing them.

Have you ever thought the fur cloth purchased from a fancy store is made up of ?

There have been several incidents happened in the past and recently a incident came into light where real cat fur labelled as fake has been found on sale in a popular high boot shop, it has been alleged. The item was found despite cat and dog fur being banned for use in clothing.

A famous celebrity told NLC on the anonymity “Now a days fur jacket has become a symbol status for elite people, they wear deliberately to show off in the party functions” . “Many people are aware of “faux  fur”, but they do not  complain about that.” She added.

Last year PETA released a video where they exposed the cruelty of the illegal Vietnamese crocodile industry. When their skin is to be cut off from their back, a big cut is made on their neck, all this while they’re still alive. Then a large rod is jammed into this cut, making the crocodile bleed out slowly. The poor, voiceless animal is then skinned.From those th crocodile skinned bag is made.

Not only in India, but in UK as well a bobble hat sold on Amazon UK as faux fur tested positive for raccoon dog, despite the fact that the listing included an on-screen no-fur assurance

Selling products from cat, dog and seal fur is illegal in the India. However, imports of fur from a range of other species such as fox, rabbit, mink, coyote, raccoon dog and chinchilla were imported into India from USA and Canada, as “rags” or “shoddy wool” or “pre-mutilated woollen rags” back in 1990’s

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