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Disgusting!! Amazon Selling Vagina Shaped Ashtray

What in the WORLD is this, you ask? It’s an ashtray! I’m sorry, it’s a “Creative Ashtray Tabletop Ashtray for Decoration.” Are any smokers reading this article? Can you please explain to other people in the comments what on high it is for you to be able to ash your cigarette so close to a woman’s vagina? No? Oh, my apologies. I thought Amazon knew what it was talking about.

This is how they describe the product: “Tripolar Creative Eco-friendly Paint Cigar Ashtray KTV Decorative Ash Bins Tray Cigarette Table Art Decoration Home Decor or Bar Decorations-As Fantasy Gifts for Men or Smokers, Gold, Women.”

Fantasy gifts for men or smokers? What kind of men is the e-retailer catering to? Objectification of women is not even the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this godforsaken product. The first thought, at least for me and my colleagues, was acute discomfort. I wish I could speak to the person who designed this. This is a bathtub, right? So, the woman is super aroused by the fact that one is smoking? But then you stub your cigarette in it and… literally extinguish her desire? Did a snuff film enthusiast design this? So many questions, so little explanation.

Amazon also says that applicable occasions for this product are, among other places, office and meeting. If your office would be totes cool with this ashtray in it, please put it in the comments, because that kind of information should be public knowledge.

If that weren’t enough, it’s for ₹4,249, but don’t worry if it’s too expensive for you. The EMIs start at ₹379.51 per month! Look at Amazon, trying to make your dreams come true!

At least all the reviewers found this shit just as offensive. Here are some of the best ones:

Dear Amazon
This is actually one of the most disgusting pieces I have ever gone through.
This is insulting, sexist and utter nonsense sold on the name of art.
I urge you to remove this asap.

Not only is this highly disgusting and misogynistic, it seems Amazon is catering to the tastes of sexual predators. Please withdraw this product otherwise you will lose a regular customer like me and others who are outraged by this monstrosity.

Most of these reviews have been posted today, so let’s hope Amazon comes to its senses soon. Until then, someone please explain this to me.

(This report was published in Vagabomb)

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