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Different colours of Number Plates in India. Have you noticed ?

As for every citizen, they have their identity as passport, while if we talk about cars their model and number plate is the identity. If two cars of the same colour and same model are parked, then we can recognise our car only by number plate.

While travelling on road, you might have noticed with  a blue number plate with a weird registration number?  Or  You must have also noticed vehicles that have arrows pointing upward in the number plate. Have you ever wondered why they have such number plates? as there are the certain type of vehicles which a similar color-text code for the number plate and others follow a different one


  • White Number plate: – Cars having the white number plate with black text is a private vehicle.These are the vehicles which common people use and it cannot be used for commercial purpose.
  • Yellow Number Plate :- Cars having yellow number plate with black text are commercial vehicles like auto, taxi and trucks


  • Black Number Plate :- Cars having black number plates with Yellow text are available on rent for self-drive. These cars can be used for any commercial purpose, any driver can drive this car without having any commercial license.These cars come under Zoom Car.


  • Blue Number Plate: – All the foreign mission vehicles use blue number plates with white text. These number plates will represent UN, CC or CD which means United Nations, Consular Corps, Diplomatic Corps respectively.

  • Number plate with an upward arrow: – Military vehicles follow an exclusive numbering system, unlike any other license plate numbers. The numbers are registered under the Ministry of Defence, New Delhi. The first/third character is an upward-pointing arrow, known as a Broad Arrow. The two digits next to the arrow show the year in which the Military purchased the vehicle.


  • Red Number Plate : – Cars having red number plates with white texts are the test vehicles. Vehicles manufacturers use red number plates while testing and promotion of their new vehicle.

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