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Did you know? Raj kundra bribed CBI officer to let him go!!!

New revelations are happening every day in the porn movie case. It is now being claimed that Raj Kundra, who is said to be the mastermind of the entire racket, had given Rs 25 lakh to Mumbai Police to avoid arrest. This has been claimed in 4 e-mails received by the Maharashtra Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB).
These mails have been sent to ACB by Yash Thakur, who was accused along with Raj. Yash is currently absconding. Yash has also claimed that the police had demanded Rs 25 lakh from him as well.

Kundra was arrested by the police on July 19 at 11 pm. The court has sent him on police remand till July 23. Yash Thakur has claimed that the ACB had forwarded his email to the Mumbai Police Commissioner in April asking for a probe.

Investigation has revealed that the bungalow which was raided by Mumbai Police was rented by Raj Kundra’s team for Rs 20,000 per day. Its owner has told the police that the bungalow was rented from him in the name of shooting Bhojpuri and Marathi films. The owner of the bungalow and other staff were asked to stay away during the shoot. Before the shooting started, the bungalow was covered with blue screen from all sides. The set was built inside the bungalow.

According to sources, in a statement given to the Mumbai Police, a struggling model told that most of the girls involved in the films were from outside Mumbai. Everyone’s profile was shot before the selection and many times he was asked to undress in front of the camera. This profile was sent to a selection team. After being selected, the actress was called for shoots at different places.

However, most of the female cameramen and female producers remained on the sets. Initially, normal shoots were done for a few days and then pressure was created for bold scenes. Girls were blackmailed with the help of contract On refusing, there was talk of sending him to jail, threatening the contract. There was a clause in the contract to cover the entire loss of the shoot if the shoot was left in the middle. A model told the police that in her clause there was a provision of paying 10 lakh rupees for not following the rules during the shooting.

A model has said in a statement to the police that she was first intimidated when she protested against the shooting and then she was forced to shoot the film by drinking alcoholic cold drink. The model also came to know after a month that her pornographic film had been made.

The actress told that her pornographic video was uploaded on an app named ‘Hit and Hot’. In this, after taking a subscription of 200 rupees, the video was available to watch. The actress then lodged a police complaint and investigation started in the matter. In her complaint, the actress also told that many of her videos have also been circulated on Telegram. Troubled by all these things, the actress has left Mumbai.

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