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Diana Hayden is Pregnant With Twins From Eggs Frozen Three years Ago

Forty-four-year-old former Miss India Diana Hayden is pregnant with twins conceived from eggs she froze three years ago. In January 2016, she gave birth to her first child who was similarly conceived from an egg frozen eight years ago.

“Her pregnancies prove how infertility techniques have improved over the years,” said infertility specialist Dr Nandita Phalshetkar. Egg-freezing is one of the techniques available for women to plan pregnancies later in life. It was technically challenging to freeze eggs until a decade ago, but newer techniques have changed all that, said Dr Hrishikesh Pai, who along with Dr Phalshetkar, is treating the former Miss India.

Hayden, who will walk the ramp at a fashion show in the city on Saturday, told TOI, “IVF doctors are God’s angels to help couples who have any form of difficulty in conceiving. Me being pregnant with twins is fantastic news. We are looking forward to their birth.”

Freezing eggs proved to be godsend for Hayden, who was 40 when she fell in love and married American Collin Dick and found out that she had endometriosis.

The condition is painful in which the endometrium or the inner lining of the uterus starts growing outside as well. Women with endometriosis may not always produce good quality eggs. That is when Hayden decided to thaw her frozen eggs for a test-tube baby.

The doctors said thousands of women around 35 years of age have frozen eggs at their clinic.

“They either don’t want to marry or haven’t met the right person. Moreover, we now have over 90% success in thawing eggs and between 30 and 40% pregnancy rate,” said Dr Pai.

Infertility specialist Dr Firuza Parikh said, “Emerging technologies have given respite to many infertile couples. In fact, for women in their late thirties who either don’t desire to get married or are busy with their careers, freezing eggs is a choice which should be accepted universally.” She said the technique has evolved so fast that today, there is a news of a child being born from an egg frozen without human hands touching it. “We have come a long way in the last 40 years.”

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