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Diamond Merchant gave 125 scooters to his employers as a appraisal

There are several times, when you fight for an increment or any festive bonus from your boss.

But there is one coolest boss from Surat naming Laxmidas Vekaria who is a diamond merchant.

In Surat there are some merchants of who have a big heart and leave no stone unturned to reward the employees for their hard work. And the rewards are not casual ones but very expensive ones.

Recently,  Savji Dholakia, billionaire diamond merchant from Surat had gifted 1260 flats and 400 cars to his employees as Diwali bonus.

Now, one more businessman from Surat Laxmidas has joined the club and has gifted an Activa scooter each to 125 employees.

As a token of love towards his employees, at the annual function which was organized by the company and this gift was given as a part of increment; who would refuse such appraisals!

He gave away Honda Activa 4G to 125 employees and all those scooters were decorated with Indian flags.

Vekaria started his business in 2010 and in just 7 years, he has reached such heights that now, he can afford to give away expensive gifts to his employees. We are sure all his workers must be very happy on receiving such a lovely token of appreciation; after all, it shows how much their employer respects and values them.


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