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Dhoni’s Flight Video Sparks Candy Crush Trend on Twitter

Dhoni’s in-flight video of playing the popular game series Candy Crush sparked a Twitter trend. Numerous individuals took notice and the topic gained significant traction on the platform.

Dhoni’s Flight Video Sparks Candy Crush Trend on Twitter

Former India cricket captain M S Dhoni’s simple video has ignited a Twitter trend surrounding Candy Crush Saga. The video, shared by air hostess Nitika Jaiswal earlier this month, captures a delightful interaction between Jaiswal and Dhoni on her flight. In the footage, Dhoni graciously accepts a packet of treats offered by Jaiswal while returning the rest.

The Viral Video and Fans’ Excitement

Jaiswal couldn’t contain her excitement as she shared the clip, confessing that she blushed uncontrollably throughout the day. Expressing her admiration for Dhoni, she referred to him as her all-time crush and praised him as a great human being with humility and down-to-earth nature. The video quickly amassed thousands of likes, but it wasn’t just the exchange that caught people’s attention.

watch the video:

Observant netizens noticed that Dhoni was engrossed in a game of Candy Crush Saga on his iPad as Jaiswal approached him. The discovery sparked a wave of tweets from Dhoni’s fans, causing #CandyCrush to trend on Twitter. Fans couldn’t contain their excitement as they shared their enthusiasm for their beloved cricketer enjoying the popular game.

Dhoni’s Love for Candy Crush Saga

The viral video served as a reminder of Dhoni’s immense popularity and the impact he has on his fans. It also showcased his relatable and fun-loving side, further endearing him to his vast fan base. As the Twitterverse buzzed with Candy Crush references and admiration for Dhoni, the video became a heartwarming moment that brought joy to countless fans and demonstrated the power of a simple interaction.

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