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Dhinchak Pooja Is Likely To Get Arrested And It’s Not For Her Fabulous Voice!

Dilon Ka Shooter…….Hai Mera Scooter singer Dhinchak Pooja is likely to get arrested by Delhi Traffic Police, but the reason is not the one we all thought it would be eventually.

The cringe pop icon is so famous that even Delhi Police has watched her latest single, though not because it’s all over the internet, but for totally different reason.

The “popular demand” song ‘Scooter’ is the reason behind Dhinchak Pooja’s trouble. One Twitter user tagged Delhi Police in one of the tweets and asked to arrest Dhinchak Pooja for not wearing a helmet. Yes, this is the reason why she may soon get arrested- for roaming on the roads, without a helmet and ignoring safety rules.

The complaint also said that she was roaming around in Surajmal Vihar and singing aloud.

Delhi Police have assured that the strict action will be taken against Dhinchak Pooja, Amen!

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