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Dhinchak Pooja Is Back, And This Time She Is Ready To Steal Your Heart With Her Scooter.

Move over Arijit Singh, and Armaan Malik (solely, because we love them), Indian cringe-pop star Dhinchak Pooja is back. And this time, she will steal your heart with her scooter.

After she went insanely viral on social media with her painful song ‘Swag Vali Topi’ and ‘Selfie Maine Leli Aaj’, Dhinchak Pooja is back with another agonising song called ‘Dilon Ka Shooter’. This time, instead of the fancy cars that we saw in the selfie song, it’s Dhinchak Pooja riding a red scooter (which she hails as the ‘Dillon ka shooter’) and singing about how there’s no one ‘cuter.’ And in just one day, ‘Dilon Ka Shooter’ has managed to rake up over 3 lakh views on YouTube.

Do not get scared by reading the title, take the pain of hearing and watching and experiencing the entire video available on her YouTube channel

Stand-up comedian Aditi summed it up perfectly:

It’s true what they say – love her or hate her, you can’t ignore Dhinchak Pooja.

By: Simran Dhingra

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