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Delhi University To Teach ‘How To Post On Facebook.’ What?

With the emergence of social websites, especially Facebook, people are not only now more connected with their friends, but also can share what they are up to. With the popularity of Facebook, people may not know how to post and what not to. Though some people know the art of self-censoring, others aren’t so lucky. Like these people featured here, you go WTF and know why there’s a need to study ‘How to post on Facebook’

And to tackle that, Delhi University is now to include a full-fledged course on how to post on Facebook. Yes! After announcing Chetan Bhagat’s novel ‘5 Point someone’ to be included in the subject in the course, students at Delhi University will now be learning how to post on Facebook.


DU to include this course as a part of the Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC), students will also be taught to write blogs, cover letters, and proofreading. The idea has been proposed by the English department’s choice-based credit system core committee, which wants Facebook posts to be part of a course on “academic writing”. Facebook has emerged as the favorite hunting ground of aspiring writers, poets, and artists. It allows them to reach a wider audience and find a publisher too.


Christel R Devadawson, head of the English department, said changes could be made after receiving feedback. “Skill enhancement courses, in general, are meant to take the emphasis from just literary-centric teaching to broad-based, everyday, contemporary concerns,” she said.


Some teachers had concerns about the structure of SEC and those “will be addressed based on the feedback we receive”, Devadawson said.


The recommendations will be sent to the academic and executive councils for approval.

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