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Delhi Smog: Know imminent measures taken by Delhi govt to control air pollution

Delhi Smog: Know imminent measures taken by Delhi govt to control air pollution

The pollution level has been increased in Delhi do much that Delhi government decides to take “imminent and emergency measures”. Read the full story to know more about it :

This year the pollution was so dire that Supreme Court of India prompted a stern warning to tackle the problem.

Following the hearing, a meeting was called by Delhi’s Commission for Air Quality Index decided to emergency measures to control pollution. These are described as follows :
• Construction work is banned until 21 November but an exception has been made for transport and defense-related projects
• Delhi has decided to shut down schools and colleges indefinitely due to worst level of air pollution in Delhi
• Only 5 out 11 coal based power plants are allowed to operate
• Delhi government decide to encourage 50 % of work from home in private offices.

A toxic haze has smothered Delhi after the festival Diwali.The levels of PM 2.5 the tiny particles that can clog people’s lungs in Delhi is far higher than the guidelines of World Health Organization(WHO).The state recorded more 400 Air Quality Index.

According to AQI if the figurevranges between 0 to 50 than it is considered as “good” and if it ranges from 51 to 100 than it is considered as “satisfactory” but if more than 100 it is considered as harmful.
Not only Delhi but other states including Uttar Pradesh, Punjab Haryana and Rajasthan can also announce some measures regarding the control of increasing air pollution.

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