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Define wife: senior IAS Aruna Sharma hits out

Lashing out against the “narrow approach of women’s rights”, Steel secretary Aruna Sharma believes this activism has led to an unbridled misuse of the law by women.

Asserting to this, Sharma believes this results in a loss of faith in the judiciary and the institution of marriage in man. She goes ahead saying, “The judiciary unduly favours women, leading to men being falsely trapped in an endless judicial maze.”

This IAS officer has got a list of do’s and don’ts as a remedial measure:

To attract consideration to the issue, Sharma wrote a letter on 31 August to the Ministry of Women and Child Development. The letter urges remedial measures to be taken to restore balance in key legal provisions.

Narrating on how the system is creating a “modern-day dacoit” she said, “The judiciary and policymakers cannot be discriminatory; needs to ensure mechanisms for imparting proper justice.”

A grave penalty is a must to those who harass and try to frustrate the judicial system by using all tactics to delay justice and resort to extortion added Sharma.

She went on to demand a definition for “wife”, as she believes there are numerous cases of women allegedly framing men under cases of dowry and domestic violence.

Definition of wife is needed: Sharma

Women use the matrimonial home as a parking place to extort support for their wayward lifestyles. These women after marriage make life hell for a couple of years and ensure no child is born. This cannot be a claim for lifelong maintenance as it is against the man’s plan, as he has got a new family and children to bear.

She went on adding, “Women select a boy who is from a good family, earning well, move to marry him, make life hell for a couple of years, ensure no child is born, walk out, and shoot multiple cases under domestic violence, (Section) 498A (of the Indian Penal Code), Section 125 (of the CrPC) for maintenance, (Section) 406 (IPC) to demand jewellery given by the boy’s family, so on and so forth.”

On the issue of marital rape, Sharma wrote: “Marital rape is possible by both genders.
Supporting maternity leave, she believes women are “blessed by nature” but on menstrual period leave, she said, “This is again taking in the garb of right.”

“If women employees want equity, they cannot be unpredictable in attending office in the name of period leave. At a senior level, there could be menopause leave that is long term.”

To avoid occupants of crooks in the judicial space, steps must be taken at an earliest. This can lead to resorting to a live-in relationship or surrogate children, and leaving India; boys will continue “losing faith in the institution of marriage.

“Men are being falsely trapped in judicial maze; lose faith in the institution of marriage,” fights Aruna Sharma as of course, “women select men from humble background with handsome earnings, leaves her maternal family to move to her husband’s house, ensures no child is born to grab money from her husband; this is against law as the husband has got a new wife and children to bear. Well-said Sharma!

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