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Decoding Nazrana, Shukrana, Haqrana, Jabrana Comment By PM Modi In His Rally

Nation’s biggest state, Uttar Pradesh, is on its last leg phase. During this time period, a lot of rallies, statements, promises, accusations were made. Politicians are also under pressure as all are eyeing on the hot seat of the state. The final result will be coming out on 11th of March. But even in this much pressure of Elections in 5 states in India, only our PM Narendra Modi manages to come up with his witty side.

Famous for his old school wittiness, Narendra Modi, carry forwards the heritage of Atal Bihari Vajpayee with the likes of having healthy, funny and humorous statements either in parliament or rallies. The belief is that “There may be a difference in thoughts, but we are not different”.

We all have witnessed the humour of our PM in Lok Sabha and in rallies. But now, in Uttar Pradesh Election 2017, our PM has come up with a statement of Dark Humor stating the real functioning in Uttar Pradesh.

At Mirzapur rally on 3rd March 2017, PM Narendra Modi said that Uttar Pradesh is facing four types of corruption, namely, Nazrana, Shukrana, Haqrana, Jabrana. We obviously understand what he meant to say.
It clearly signifies the functioning method of government offices in Uttar Pradesh because of corruption flowing into the veins of government servants. We cracked the code for you all.

So, we thought to decode the code for you. And here’s what it means:

1) NAZRANA :- It is known as the first step to getting your paper drill/work done as soon as possible. In this step, the amount of money is offered willingly to the concerned official, so that they can make your routes easy.

2) SHUKRANA :- This is the “offering” made by an individual “willingly” to the concerned official after getting their job done. It’s kind of a THANKSGIVING. It is also beneficial in getting your future jobs done priorly.

3) HAQRANA: – This is the stage when we had made the official “sad” by not offering any Nazrana. Now they begin to ask for it as a right. Now, if you have to get your job done, then you must have to give it away. NEVER MAKE AN OFFICIAL SAD, because some are honest enough to ask for it, while some can let you swing around the office for days.

4) JABRANA:- It’s the condition when an individual gets himself into a trouble by not offering any bribe (Nazrana) and he is not giving it away even after getting exploited. Then the officials have all the rights by the corruption to forcefully ask him for Nazrana.

These all are the actual methods of getting a file done in UP. PM Narendra Modi took a jibe in his Mirzapur rally on Friday, aiming Akhilesh Yadav Government for Elections 2017. We all know how corrupt Uttar Pradesh is and Modi targeted it in a very simple manner with just 4 Urdu words. If this isn’t Modi wittiness, then what was it?

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