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Death just missed! Using Escalators could be Dangerous.

The devil never leaves you.  Just like in the movies like final destination, you never know what is in store for you by the devil, and you can never ditch death if you miss it once it will come back to you in the most unexpected way.

Have you ever imagined yourself going to the mall, having a fun time and you don’t even realize that this can be the end of your life now? No, but what if going to a mall can also turn out to be deadly.

Taking the tour to the world’s most deadly accidents, your breath will be stuck in your lungs and you’ll be left dead, but what we forget is that life also has a stop in the most unexpected manner.  Same has been happening over time in the Asian countries, where escalators stop or collide or the new one even reverse at a moment of time.

People have no clue what’s coming in between their fun. At least 18 people were injured Saturday afternoon when an escalator at a shopping mall.

  • A part of the scaffolding and roof of one portion of Mantri mall collapsed on Monday afternoon injuring two house-keeping staff working on the ground. The incident triggered chaos inside the facility as thousands of mall goers, staff at the various shops and the theater ran to their safety. Ongoing film shows were also canceled mid-way and other shows called off.
  • The elderly man can be seen stepping onto the escalator. He steps up and then suddenly loses his footing. The man starts to fall backward and tries to catch himself but he tumbles over hitting his head on the stairs. He then flips completely over. Unable to get up, he continues to spin as the escalator drags him.                              
  • It’s painful to imagine what the last month of Ms. Wu’s life might have been like. Her body was discovered after she became trapped in an elevator in her Xi’an apartment block. Two maintenance workers turned off the lift’s power after it malfunctioned on 30 January, not realizing that she was still inside. They discovered her body, as well as scratch marks on the inside of the lift’s door, after returning more than 30 days later. It is suspected that she died of dehydration, although reports have said that she starved to death. So far she has only been identified by her surname and was reportedly in her 40s.
  • A man has suffered serious injuries after falling into a moving escalator. The workman, who was repairing the device in Beibei District of Chongqing in southwest China, was accidently sucked into the escalator after it “suddenly became operational”. Video footage of the incident shows the man’s body under the outdoor contraption, which was quickly halted to prevent him being crushed.


The incident follows a slew of accidents involving escalators in the country, which have prompted nation wide safety concerns. Although deaths on escalators are extremely rare, breakneck economic development and sometimes cavalier attitude toward safety, quality control, and maintenance have led to frequent industrial accidents. Which are equally scary and devastating.



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