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No Fear No Favour

Dear Govt Hope you see the news of Kids dying everyday due to dog bite. What are you waiting for now ?

Byline: Manya Grover

In a terrible turn of events, reports have emerged regarding an increase in the number of kids around the country dying from dog bites. Concerned citizens have questioned the government’s response and demanded fast action due to the increasing frequency of these instances.

Imagine having fun with your buddies while outside when you suddenly get afraid of a dog. Some children experience that, and it’s unacceptable. When people are enjoying fun, we want them to feel secure and content.

Firstly, it’s crucial for adults who own dogs to ensure that they are properly socialised and taught. Dogs need to learn manners just like you do! They must understand how to treat people with kindness and friendliness. Furthermore, when at home, dogs should have a secure place to stay. Leashes or a fenced yard can help prevent them from running about where they can unintentionally startle someone. It’s similar to when you have a playroom where your toys are protected.

Each of us can develop a friendship with dogs. Inquire if it’s alright to say hello if you notice a dog with its owner. Let the dog sniff your hand first before doing so. That sounds like a puppy waving hello. Remember to always be calm and gentle when around dogs.

Recently, A dog bit a youngster in Ghaziabad, but the child didn’t tell his parents. He expected it to improve on its own, but it didn’t. The youngster became seriously ill after a month, and regrettably, he passed away. This is quite upsetting and demonstrates how crucial it is to inform adults if something similar occurs to you. A dog’s bite causes more than simply a minor scrape. We must take it carefully since it might be really serious. You must immediately inform your parents or another responsible adult if you are bitten. They can assist you in receiving the appropriate care to ensure your wellbeing.

The federal government cannot ignore this crisis. Because lives are at risk, quick, coordinated action is crucial. We beg our politicians to put the protection of our children first, to pay attention to the cries of mourning families, and to take prompt, decisive action to resolve this urgent problem.Acting is best done right away. Let’s get together as a society, committed to defending our kids from this awful and avoidable danger. Our country’s future depends on it.

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