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Dear Government, Please Take Politics Out From Educational Institutions!

Rohith Vermula, Kanhaiya Kumar case and now ABVP-Ramjas-Gurmehar case taught us a lesson that sometimes it’s better to take politics out from institutions for the better future of students. However, it does also bring us another question as for why all our students face so much political pressure in the first place isn’t institution first work education and not the politics?

Instead of focusing on education, philosophical debate, their dreams, their goals and their unfolding future why our students are focusing more on political issues that only becomes a tool for our national political parties to fight? Is it really worth to waste your precious college time in petty politics?

It’s not ABVP vs AISA vs NSUI it’s actually CPM-Congress-BJP.

Who is actually fighting? Is it Congress or NSUI, Is it BJP or ABVP, AISA or is it left wing thinking of CPM? Colleges have become a proxy battlefield of Congress-BJP-CPM. Political parties are using these students union as their pawns in the game of chess. Two biggest party of India i.e Bhartiya Janta Party and Congress baby units ABVP (Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad) and NSUI (National Student Union of India) shares same motto and belief as their parent units and both unions leave no stones turned to deliver the messages from big political parties to students of University.

The third one CPI(M) may be on a decline but AISA (All India Student Association) is still the most powerful student union. It’s a three-way battle between these predators and expectedly the prey (Students) faces all the consequences.

Students should focus on their rights; they should use their brains and then decides what is right for them and not be manipulated by politicians of all parties. Students should stop fighting battles for their political masters. Indian Politics are a mud pile, do we need this mud pile to swallow our educational institutions?

Colleges have become a Battleground.

Most educational institutions in India discouraged violence in the college premises, but who are we kidding, the ‘Peaceful protests’ are not at all peaceful and often lead to the quarrelsome atmosphere in Institutions.

Most of these Union members know that if they indulge in violence acts by order from their political masters, they will certainly be saved if they are in trouble.

This leverage gives most of this student union a free pass in violence. Don’t look at Gun-violence in American institutions; we have higher cases of vandalism, deaths and general indiscipline.

Case in point, Look at this video of ABVP and DUSU leader Satender Awana, openly threatening DU Law Dean Ved Kumari.

Not everyone can be a Politician.

Most students want to stay a political but they joined these student unions just for the benefits they get from the political masters. Most of them sucked at Politics, but they joined to become one of a powerful personality of college.

Right not to practise politics lost in the pressure

What about the right not to practise politics? Most students want to stay apolitical but they find it difficult to do so and they are sucked into politics whether they like it or not. They find politicking students more powerful.
The silent majority of students, who prefers to focus on their studies and career are highjacked by very vocal and powerful political minority who call the shots in the institution.

Most of these student union members were also brush aside by their political masters once their study year completed. Few students(Less than one percent) ending up as a politician (kudos to them!) but what about the 99 percent others.

Don’t get confused it and relate it to Cause

You don’t have to be a student union member to join a good cause, how many were student union members in the Anna Rally or in the Nirbhaya protest. But it was clear in Anti-Indian slogan JNU case that most of the students were the Union members.

Our educational institution faulty structure, some political master’s greed and past incidents polluted the student politics that is practiced in India.

How many of our institution make it to the list of Top 100 colleges in the World? Very Few! While there are many reasons behind it, Student Politics is definitely one of them. It’s time to end it.

By: Saket Sharma.

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