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No Fear No Favour

Deaf Man adopts an adorable deaf rescue puppy.

In Florida, a six-week-old puppy was rescued from a shelter from Lindsay Powers from foster-based rescue NFR Maine, later introduced him to his new home. She named the puppy, Emerson, and found later something special about him; he was deaf.

“Once we got him home from the vet’s office in Florida, we realised he had hearing difficulty,” Powers said. “He doesn’t let it bother him at all, though he’s a typical puppy.”

Powers posted about Emerson on Facebook and after a few weeks, they found a perfect home for him. Power learnt that the soon-to-be owner of Emerson was also deaf, and because of that, he said they would have a good connection.

Within a day the process of adoption was started, and they found Nick perfect for Emerson.

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