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UnSeen, Unheard Truth Of LPG Godowns In Uttar Pradesh?

Written By: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: Image Showing Theft and Diversion Of LPG Gas!

July 15, 2022 (New Delhi): Amid high inflation and hike in fuel and gas price, A viral video from Uttar Pradesh has come up, which indicates a shocking case of gas theft and diversion even after repeated orders from the state government to keep a check on petrol pumps and gas agencies to curb the serious problem of tax evasion. UP CM Yogi Adityanath recently directed administration to keep a vigilance on state’s petrol pumps. CM Yogi said, “Tax Evasion is a national loss, Build a task force and raid petrol pumps involved in tax evasion.” He also directed officials to carry out surprise checks at petrol pumps. Yogi is known for his rapid and immediate actions but on the contrary such instances are being recorded which urgently requires government intervention.

In Video: Visuals From Anaisha Bharat Gas Agency, Sadabad, Hathras. (NLC Media do not validate the authenticity of this video).

This leaked video is said to be from Anaisha Bharat Gas Agency, Village Dhanauli, Sadabad, Hathras District of Uttar Pradesh. The alleged video is said to be from one of the distributors of Bharat Petroleum LPG Gas. If this video came out to be true then it is a case of Illegitimate transfer and diversion of LPG Gas Cylinders. In the viral video, one of the man is using an equipment looking like a pipe or rod for the diversion of LPG gas from one cylinder to another. This is not just a matter of state’s tax evasion but also playing with the trust of so many consumers of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) which is one of the most trusted and reputed government owned oil and gas producer company.

In Picture: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s Earlier Response On Illegal Petrol Pumps.

We spoke to Hathras Collector, his spokesperson said, “We are investigating the matter and will take the needful action.”After this incidence, Government needs to review the reasons behind fuel price hike which not only increased by war but also due to problem of double counting by distributors, increase in tax evasion and bad practices of hoarding, adulteration and double counting, which in turn attack the pockets of common people and affecting government’s revenue.

In Picture: Alleged LPG Gas Godown of Hathras District In UP where LPG Gas transferred and diverted illegitimately.

We contacted the Territory Head Of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Mr. Sandeep Pawar regarding this matter, he replied. “I will look into this matter, will talk to the concerned people and will take the urgent action.” When the chief minister himself directed officials to carry out surprise checks at petrol pumps and gas agencies to crack down on adulteration and hoarding after reviewing the state’s GST collection, then this shocking incidence from Hathras needs government attention. Inspite of strict orders by the CM, Gas theft is happening in the state in broad daylight which needs government intervention.

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