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Cutest Way Of Teaching Demonetisation To A 7 Year Old Kid

On the night of 8th November 2016, PM Narendra Modi dropped the bomb of Demonetisation and turned those “Happy Hours” into “Sad Hours” for many. With demonetization into effect for 50 whole days, the country went into a frenzy, some were happily supporting the government’s move, others were saddened by the long queues outside the ATMs and banks, and some can’t jump to the conclusion.

The in-house effect was for the couples who have children of 6-7 years. The couples still might have a hard time with their children to make them understand as “what really demonetization is?”

If that’s the question you are facing from your child, look no further, this video will surely calm down your champ of unending question of “What really demonetization is?”

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