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Crowd cheers as dog saved 52 lives

19th September, the day which made Mexico standstill. A day on which 270 people lost their lives when a 7.1 strong magnitude earthquake hits Mexico. Amidst the loss of lives, a rescue dog is making sure that she does everything in her power to find people who are under rubble of disaster.

The hero dog, Frida, helps the Mexican Navy during natural disasters. To her credit, the seven-year-old Labrador retriever has saved 52 lives in her career.

When the earthquake hit Mexico, the first responder has been working tirelessly with the search and rescue team to rescue people from worst affected areas.

(Translation: She is # Frida, she belongs to the @ SEMAR_mx and has helped save 52 lives in different natural disasters nationally and internationally.)

Frida swung into action loaded with goggles, a khakhi-padded waistcoat, and boots, just a week after she saved 12 people from an earlier earthquake that hit Mexico.

Frida’s work is, however, not over yet. She is relentlessly trying to save as many people as she can.

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