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Cricket buff bizarre repeat act: To iron clothes for free if India wins champions trophy

The things which unite India, apart from cricket are:
1. Politics
2. Bahubali
3. Chai and
4. Country.

And when the cricket game is into play, the craze and the enthusiasm that can be seen in the people are beyond imagination. Whether its field or border, the men in Blue and the men in olive green do their job and return the favour with double the generosity they get. And how can Indian’s get behind in boosting the morale to our ‘men.’ And in the same thing, people get bizarre ideas to support the men in blue fighting the battle on the field.

In the recent of the development, a man in Agra had announced to press the clothes for free if the men in Blue win the Champions trophy for 15 days.

A man named Azaad, who had announced the same scheme, though for the shorter span of time of 5 days, when India won the world cup in 2011 against Sri Lanka. Azaad, who lives in the area of Jaipur House, had announced the scheme.

Soon after the announcement of the scheme, the death threat calls starts to follow him. The alleged phone calls were initially was said to come from Pakistan and Emirates.

Azaad is in deep shock after getting death threats.

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