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COVID Alert: Government to implement these new guidelines

About five lakh devotees are likely to come to Vrindavan on New Year to visit Banke Bihari. In view of this, the Health Department has written a letter to the district administration and police to ensure that the government guidelines are followed. Hotel operators, factory and other establishment operators have also been ordered to follow the Covid guidelines at their places. All government departments have also been ordered to make their employees and visitors follow the rules, but at present the situation is that COVID rules are not being followed at any religious place.

Banke Bihari temple management is preparing guidelines in view of the possibility of spread of COVID due to the gathering of crowd on New Year. Temple manager Munish Kumar Sharma said that the danger of COVID epidemic is increasing again. On New Year, lakhs of devotees will come to have darshan of the adorable Banke Bihari. Guidelines are being prepared keeping in mind the safety of the devotees. At the same time, he has appealed to the devotees not to bring small children, elderly, sick and disabled people with them on the New Year. If the devotees come without fasting and are ill then they should come to the temple only after taking medicine.

Cases of new variants of Covid have been reported in Goa, Kerala and Maharashtra. In other parts of the country, the number of normal Covid patients has suddenly started increasing. In such a situation, there are lines of worry on the forehead of the entrepreneurs of Braj who have suffered the brunt of lockdown due to Covid in 2020 and 2021. Entrepreneur Payal, Saree, and Tonti including hotels and restaurants fear that if Corona cases increase here due to crowd, their business may have to suffer huge losses.

CMO Ajay Kumar Verma said that COVID cases have been reported in many parts of the country. There is an appeal to the people to follow the Covid rules. Be sure to wear a mask. The health department has made complete preparations at its level. Operators of religious places should also make the devotees follow the rule of wearing masks. Avoid going into crowds if not necessary. Even if you go, maintain social distance and wear a mask. After going home, clean your hands and mouth thoroughly.

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