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Covid-19: Yet another unsung Covid warrior!

Byline By- Aaliya Sultana

We came out with the segment ‘The Unsung Warriors that need our attention and appreciation’ and so far we have covered two unsung warriors and today we are delighted to cover our third.

As Sabrina Bryan says ‘You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support’ and the person we have talked to shows that as long as one has the passion about what they do and has the mindset of helping people, one can really use their platform effectively. Today, we tell the journey of a Pulmonologist and Covid Frontliner working since 2020 named Pooja Choradia. We asked her various questions related to her experience and how she feels using her education and her social media to amplify information.

She says ‘I Dr Pooja Choradia working as a Pulmonologist and a Covid frontliner since 2020 last year when the novel coronavirus had no known treatments started I was the first chest physician who started seeing covid patients knowing how contagious it was, I myself also suffered from covid last year quarantined myself but again returned to covid hospital after recovery.

People asked me why do u have to do it let someone else do it. But I said if all think same wag then nobody will step forward. The second wave was more deadly than the first because it claimed more lives, the mutant fast replicating strains affected more younger patients their families and even kids. This time I was vaccinated and I started working 30 days by choice as requested by hospitals due to increasing patient numbers and less no of doctors.

When I saw so many People pleading help on twitter that’s when I decided to tweet retweet and amplify the smallest detail I get about bed oxygen ventilator bipap medications remdesivir Toclizumab. Also I started posting vital information to educate people on covid including home quarantine, plasma, and tried to reduce their agony and panic if they weren’t able to find any covid related medicines. After completion of my covid duty or on a break I used to check leads on verified Channels and amplify them to help needy. I don’t know how much my tweets have helped PPL about resources but I kept on answering their Q n A on all covid related queries.’

As for her views on Social Media, she believes that Twitter is quite a useful platform to help people in all possible ways and says that this pandemic reminded people that money power fame nothing helps when you exhaust your resources only humanity helps. Plasma and blood have no religion; they have only humanity as one religion. Be human, be kind and save the world. Let humanity survive and let’s make the world once again a better place to live in.

She ended the conversation with a very inspiring message which is ‘I am a Pulmonologist and Covid frontliner from Mumbai working in vedant hospital. Posting leads is hectic. I was not able to verify myself due to my hectic work schedule but kept on posting from verified channels that other volunteers did verify. Somehow helping others makes me happy. Yes the mental stress is there but even a slight help if my tweet provides then that eases out my stress’

People like Dr.Pooja Choradia makes us believe in humanity as well as kindness. In this distressed time, one can surely reach out to Dr.Pooja through her twitter handle @LunghealthDoc and can get the help one needs because after all, Dr P’s name is enough just as her twitter name says. We thank you Dr.P !

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