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Countless Exams, Sleepless Nights, Innumerable Hurdles And Whatnot! But It All Seems Of So Much Worth Now Says Youngest Indian Pilot Ayesha Aziz

At age of 18, when most of the teenagers were racking their brains getting confused over entrance examinations of medical and engineering or picking the right stream, A  young Indian girl Ayesha Aziz already took a step ahead and now she is all set to flight high.

Ayesha Aziz, 21, Mumbai Resident has become the youngest Indian woman to fly an MIG-29 fighter jet, after getting her commercial pilot’s license last week and will soon fly passenger aircraft as well. She received her student’s pilot license in 2011 from the Bombay Flying Club, making a record of youngest woman pilot in the country.

She recently posted on Facebook “The MOST precious booklet of my life arrived yesterday and brought me happiness unbound… What once was just a dream is a reality now,”

Ayesha plans to fly the aircraft at Sokul airbase in Russia. “I want to reach the edge of space, for which we are (in) talking terms with the Russian agency to fly the MIG-29,” shared her dreams to a news agency and adding “so, that is going to be the next expedition – to fly the MIG-29 fighter jet”.

Her training to become a pilot started while she was in school. She has determined in her teenage what she wanted from her life. After graduating from her school Ayesha finished the two-month training in 2012 And she got chosen Among the three Indians for an advanced space training course at NASA.

After achieving her goal of flying fighter jets, her message to the girls of Kashmir and the whole nation is that they should chase their dreams and not let anything get them down. Ayesha’s father is from Mumbai. While her mother hails from Baramulla district in Jammu and Kashmir.


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