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“Controversy Erupts as Hyderabad Man, Tricked into Fighting Ukraine War, Succumbs in Russia”

Image Source:- NDTV

In a tragic turn of events, Mohammed Asfan from Hyderabad, who was misled into participating in Russia’s conflict against Ukraine, has met his demise. Confirming the unfortunate news, the Indian Embassy in Moscow, in a post on X on Wednesday, announced Asfan’s death without specifying the cause or detailing his activities in Russia.

The embassy’s statement read, “We have learnt about the tragic death of an Indian national Shri Mohammed Asfan. We are in touch with the family and Russian authorities. Mission will make efforts to send his mortal remains to India.”

As the news unfolded, the family of Asfan, part of a group of nearly two dozen Indians lured to Russia under the guise of lucrative job offers, received the grim notification from AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi.

Owaisi, who brought attention to this issue last month, had previously written to External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on February 21, shedding light on individuals from states like Telangana, Gujarat, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, and Uttar Pradesh who fell victim to this deception and were coerced into involvement in the war.

Addressing the plight of these stranded Indians, the Ministry of External Affairs disclosed on February 29 that around 20 individuals had managed to contact Indian authorities while trapped in Russia, reassuring ongoing efforts by the government to repatriate them.

The Digital Detective: Unveiling the Net-Savvy Agent

Allegations have surfaced implicating a Dubai-based agent, Faisal Khan, operating under the guise of his YouTube channel ‘Baba Vlogs,’ in the exploitation of several men stranded in Russia. With over 300,000 subscribers, Khan allegedly showcased seven passports in one of his videos, asserting his collaboration with the Russian army and claiming that seven individuals had secured work permits in the country.

Abdul Naeem, the father of one of the victims, Abdul Naeem, revealed that his son and three companions, former Dubai employees, had fallen prey to Khan’s promises of lucrative security guard positions in Russia, each paying ₹3 lakh as part of the deal. Transported to Russia in December of the previous year, they were subsequently coerced into participation in the conflict after unwittingly signing documents in Russian.

These Indian men, purportedly provided rudimentary weapons training, found themselves stationed in and around Ukrainian cities like Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Mariupol. Reports indicate varying accounts regarding their affiliation, whether they serve within the Russian Army or the controversial mercenary organization, Wagner Group. Tragically, one individual from Kashmir sustained a bullet wound to the leg amidst the chaos of battle.

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Author:- Apoorva Arora

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