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Consistency is all about Team India, will whitewash Sri Lanka again: Kohli

Virat Kohli and company have a clear mindset and a positive attitude for the upcoming Test series against Sri Lanka. The captain made it clear once again that the Indian cricket team will not approach the upcoming Test series against Sri Lanka in a different manner just because they had whitewashed the visitors at their home earlier this year. Also, ensuring to take down the visitors as they are consistently doing with every other team.

Kohli said on the eve of the first Test against Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens, “Every match you play is important and every series is huge. It’s not like we lose this series and you guys are going to say nothing to us. So, everything is important when you play for the country and we don’t like to differentiate. We simply want to do well as a team,”

The skipper added, “Whatever the conditions we play at, whatever combinations we need to play, we do that accordingly. Keeping in mind that winning is the most important thing and for that everyone is on the same page whether we play in India or away.

“Regardless of the opposition we play and we want to maintain our consistency as a team and that has worked for us because we do not differentiate in terms of where we are playing, how we are playing, what team we are playing against. We just want to play good cricket as a team,” he further added.

Sri Lanka last visited India for a Test series back in 2009 but this time both teams are playing each other for the second time this year. Kohli admitted that cricket needs to engage fans and remain competitive.

India have not lost a Test series at home since the 2012 series loss to England and are expected to win this series as well but Kohli says that results take care of themselves.

“The results take care of themselves anywhere in the world. It’s not like in India you can get away by playing bad cricket. The eventual goal is to respect the sport and skill set we have and try to execute that in every situation and every condition we are in,” Kohli said.

“Another series for us. We have played so much cricket now it’s all about good preparations, keeping our energy levels up and making sure that we have quality practice. Not necessarily go for quantity because that can also lead to bad habits when you know that you are playing well and in a good zone and when you over practice, that can also lead to the mindset going off.

“We have to maintain the balance. I think we have done really well so far in maintaining that balance. We have to get back into the Test mode and create momentum from this game, carry it on in this series and take it forward because we are playing Test cricket straight after as well. It always feels nice to come back into the Test cricket because the challenges are different and something we always look forward to,” he said.

The 29-year old Kohli concluded by saying, “I don’t know that. This analysis has to be done by fans who watch the game because someone watching the game is very different from being involved in the game. For us, there is no rule of complacency or saying that I don’t want to play this game. There is no room for that. We are at our top intensity all the time. This question will be better answered by the fans who watch the game. If there is too much cricket being played or there is a repetition of same series happening or not, for us, as I said, playing cricket for the country and we do what we are presented with. This definitely needs to be taken into consideration because you don’t want the fans going away from the game. We have to maintain a balance of how to engage fans and at the same time how to keep players fresh and keep cricket exciting and competitive cricket going throughout the year.”

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