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Company Releases A Bag That Says “My Favourite Colour Is Hitler.” WTF?

Sometimes, companies release things without checking them over or having a product test from prospective customers. When they do this – they often times miss some key mistakes or problems their products have. It happens to the best of us – I’ve been known to miss a spelling error or two from time to time, but hey, I’m not offending anyone.

Unlike this company, who released a note that it supposed to read “My favourite colour is glitter,” but, due to the way the lettering is done – it looks likes a lot like a different word that is, super offensive.

Belle Chic released this bag – obviously without checking it – but Twitter users picked up on the mistake.

And here are the reaction that garnered on the tweet:

I mean – it does look like Hitler on first glance. And, that’s pretty offensive to an entire community of people across the world. Many people would believe the company would take the bag down after the backlash – but, the bag is still on their website and available for purchase.

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