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No Fear No Favour

“Click a selfie, get suspended! Welcome to Miranda House, DU.”

The part-time students of the School of Open Learning (SOL) at Miranda house, Delhi University might get suspended if they click a selfie or comb their hair in the campus. Being coiffed and getting clicked can shoot you out of the campus gates for the day. Funny? Not actually.

The unsigned circular was issued last year in November itself and the sole purpose of this entire process was safety of the students as they can be seen hanging, posing and getting clicked at every ledge, pillar and parapet.

The circular was more of a general advisory than being an ultimatum and was issued to communicate to the SOL students as they have their classes on holidays and it is difficult to have a direct communication.

Obviously the students took it otherwise and weren’t very happy with this move but the administration claimed that the circular was just to ‘scare’ the students and no suspension took place anyway.

“We have a track of our own students, and they are all very busy throughout the day to be engaging in this sort of activity. Even when someone is out of line, we talk to them and sort it out. But the SOL students are not directly under us. Even their teachers are different. We don’t know which student will or will not come back for the next Sunday class. Thus it becomes important to reach out to them” said Principle Jolly.

We surely are getting modernised. Aren’t we?

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