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Clap! Canadian PM Justin Trudeau took his kid to Office and it’s awwwdorable!

Canadian PM is not just famous for his killer looks, but also for his good deeds. Perhaps he knew it very well, how to get recognized as a family person. The way a person behaves with his family, indicates a lot about his personality.

During President Obama’s reign, his family pictures went viral and internet could not resist sharing and commenting. This time it’s Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, who is giving us family goals. He took his son along with him to work at PM office and created some magical memories to cherish upon.

His 3 year old son Hadrien is very much like his father, he seems quite confident while posing for shutter bugs. He seems having fun observing his father working and playing with him.

After having a wonderful day with his son, PM Justin Trudeau took it to facebook, to share these cute and adorable pictures.

Interestingly, after all this, his wild craze saw no low. In fact, people reacted differently. Like this person wrote, “Prime Minister Trudeau, will you adopt America? Pretty please! Most of us (1/2) will be good,” Another added, “You can tell a lot about a person by how they raise their family. The Obamas had an incredible family, the Trudeaus as well”.

It seems like after Obamas, now Trudeaus will be also counted among the famous and loved families.

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