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Chinese Military Participated in Pakistan’s National Day Parade. Watch Video

China’s closeness with Pakistan has always been a matter of worry for India. China has made Pakistan its ally and has been helping the military of Pakistan for a long time. The two countries established its diplomatic relation in 1951 itself when Pakistan became the first Islamic nation to recognize communist China.

The relation between two keep getting solid over the years and during wars between India and Pakistan during 1965 and 1971, China supported Pakistan. It also provided assistance to Pakistani nuclear program in 1998 and used Security Council veto power for the first time in 1972 to block the Bangladesh’s entry in United Nations. The two countries enjoy close cooperation in areas such as trade, borders, and their militaries, meaning that Pakistan has a unique status among China’s many diplomatic allies.

India and China, the two emerging power of the world has always been in hostile or cold relation and over the years the boundary disputes have made things worse. That is one main reason for China’s closeness with Pakistan.


The guard of honour of the three services of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army participated in 77th Pakistan’s National Day Parade organised in the capital Islamabad.

The 90-member group has come to Pakistan to feature in the parade on the invitation of the Pakistani side. The final parade will be held on March 23 at Shakarparian Parade Ground in Islamabad.

The Pakistan Day commemorates March 23, 1940, when a resolution was passed in Lahore, to demand a separate homeland for the Muslims of the British Indian Empire. Seven years after the resolution was passed, the British Indian Empire was divided into two states, India and Pakistan.

The parade was followed by cultural programs, a military show with weapons and tanks and an air show. According to the Pakistani Army’s mouthpiece, this is the first-time Chinese Army has participated in any such event.

Talking to media on the occasion, head of the Chinese contingent Major General Li Jianbo said “We selected the best personnel and trained them hard for the Pakistan Day parade. We have come here to convey a message of friendship to Pakistan on behalf of the Chinese people and the Chinese army. We sincerely hope that Pakistan will progress day by day and its army will be stronger and stronger.”

This is another progress between the two nations relations and the parade is a way of showing to India about this.

The Pakistan National Day parade was suspended for 7 years till resumed in 2015 after the country achieved success in controlling militancy. Saudi Special Force’s contingents and Turkish Janissary Military Band are also participating in the parade. Here is the video of Chinese army participating in the parade.

By – Parul Kulshrestha



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