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Cheers! Pubs and bars are getting heavy crowd as Navratra’s are over

These 9 days, bars were dry, chicken and meat shops show no customer and the blend of all this hit the Indian economy a hard time. And to meet the profit margin, companies are letting go of their staff. And those who were hit by companies order were now in distressed and searching for a ‘suitable job’. The reason you ask for this catastrophic actions? Navratri is to be blamed.

 Speaking exclusively to News Leak Centre, the owner of Happy Hours bar says “The demonetization didn’t hit us as much as this Navratri did.  We use to have a loyal customer base who supported even in the demonetization time, who stands in those bank queue just to change the notes and can get their favourite drink.”

 Speaking further, he says “In this time, people don’t worry much about the money, because they can do anything just to get hold their favourite booze. What they worry is ‘Mata raani paap laga dengi.’ This had made us take such harsh step to let go of our staff”

 Speaking to Suppandi Nath, a working guy, he says, “Only I know what hardship I had gone to whenever I pass through a LFC (yes, you guessed it right) restaurant and even taking a look at them.”

 “The company are also b****rd. They are sending me the offers which they never would on general days. And the offers are only valid till yesterday. They’re playing with the feelings of customers.”

 Speaking to a Father, Mr Alok Nath (No, not the actor. It’s just the co-incident), he says, “It’s a routine that my son returns home late. And had caught him many time while he was drunk.”

 “At first, I was shocked that he had returned home so early and that too in his senses. I was glad and happy as well, but all this happiness was for a short period when I realised that it was Navratri and not his own decision.” He says. Adding further, he says “I am happy, at least he will be away from all this till Navratri is here”




BY: Ananya Pandit


DISCLAIMER: This article is a work of fiction. Readers are advised not to take it seriously.


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