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No Fear No Favour

Check out Virat taking a dig at news channels about his false engagement rumours with Anushka.

It’s been a day or two when the false rumour about Virat and Anushka got trolled on the Internet with the indulgence of terrifying speculations made by twitterati’s& social networking freaks that Virat and Anushka are getting Engaged was really weird. People started sending them congrats wishes & lots of love from their side, seems to be ridiculous!

How can a people or public can decide when you are getting engaged? This action of trolling a celebrity is not funny as there are so many complications in maintaining a relationship throughout.

Think of yourself being a celeb indulge in the work of your profession with your true interest and then suddenly some colleagues of yours come to you and ask for your secret engagement about which you are also unaware. You will suddenly be put into the dilemma of shock that how and why this is happening instead you don’t have any further plans as well. After all this there is also someone who is like you unaware of what’s going on and then suddenly she calls you and asks for the whole scenario that what’s going on.

Your life is as fucked up as shit because now you cannot concentrate on your work as someone very close to you has gone rude due to these fake rumours of an engagement. You are also thinking of the same that why & how this happened to me & for what reasons. Then you finally try to control this rumour but it’s too late because your fake engagement story has been picked up by the media as well and you just can’t do anything accept waiting for the media channels to come to you and ask for the confirmation so that you can deny this information as a fake information till the time you will be trolled as a funny & interesting element on social media.

These action of internet freaks of trolling someone for the wrong reason is not worthy because there are already so many complications in a relationship. People in a relationship can understand it much better as they must have been going through the fake rumours made by people around them and they can also understand about how a fake rumour about your relationship can ruin your co-relation with your love.

ViratKohli has responded to this rumour very gently and asked everyone not to troll someone for the wrong reason as he and Anuskaaren’t getting engaged & if we were going to, we wouldn’t hide it. Simple…

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