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Check out the latest trend flashing all over the social media : naked bum

Some or the other day, there are always new things which are trending on the social media  and make other people to follow the same.

Few days back there was a ice bucket challenge where people were taking bath from chilled water and posting the same on their social media accounts.

But now the there is new trend which will shock you, now the people are posting their naked bum’s picture on their social media accounts.

Here are the different users

In the snow, he stripped down completely, strode a couple of feet away down the garden with his back to us, spread his legs, thrust his arms skyward and screamed “Wooohooo!” as our host captured the event for posterity with his long exposure shot.


The Cheeky Exploits account was first shared on a travel group I belong to, with a request for members to share their own bare-bottomed photos. Dozens did. When one person expressed disapproval, they were shouted down as a prude. And no one wants to be a prude.

But it’s not prudish to think pulling down your pants and flashing your bum isn’t appropriate tourist behaviour.


Now there are bevy of girls posing their naked bums





It’s not even about religious offence, though. Two of the photos on the Cheeky Exploits feed appear to have been taken near where I live. It’s not a sacred site – it’s just a town. But I’m offended nevertheless. How dare someone come to my home and think it’s appropriate to flash their arse on the main street? If it was an old man in a mac, he’d be arrested. But because they’re young, cellulite-free and a dab hand with Instagram filters, it’s ok.

But it’s not ok. It’s not just desecration; it’s rude. I long for the innocent days of inappropriate selfies.

We’ve all got one, you say. Indeed we have. So do us all a favour and put yours away.

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