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CBSE Shocker On Grace Marks

All say that do not chase after marks, chase after knowledge. But this is a blatant lie being told by everyone. Marks is all that matters and without good marks, one’s life falls apart. The CBSE Exam of 2017, while being a joyous occasion to many, reduced others to tears as they saw their marks.

CBSE has committed grave errors in totalling the marks of the students. Sonali, a Delhi student, was horrified to learn, on May 29, that she had scored a mere 68 in mathematics in her Class XII exam.

With 99 in Economics, 95 in Accountancy and 96 in Business Studies, the Maths marks just didn’t make sense. Samiksha Sharma’s dream of making it to a North Campus college was almost torn apart when she scored 42 in Maths, after scoring well in English, Business Studies and Fine Arts.

It was only after the two students applied to CBSE for verification, or, in other words, re-totaling of marks, that Samiksha’s 42 more than doubled to 90. As for Sonali, her Maths score went up from 68 to 95. These are not isolated cases.

Another student, Mohammad Affan, a Mumbai student who scored 80% and above in all his subjects, scored just 50 in Maths. After verification, his marks were revised to 90. Another Economics student who was ‘failed’ with 9 marks finally ended up with 45. A CBSE official revealed that there are so many students in the verification process that it is unprecedented. It is to be noted that CBSE currently allows verification while re-evaluation is possible only after a court order.

Sonali, whose marks increased by 27 (from 68 to 95) after verification, pointed out that unlike her, students who were not very confident or scared didn’t even go to the verification process.

But why this discrepancy? Well, this could be due to various processes- mistakes in the calculation of marks, incorrect transfer of marks to the title page (the front of the answer books) and detachment of supplementary answer books.

This callousness of CBSE takes many lives every year where students, dissatisfied with their marks and fearing what society might say, choose to end their life. It’s time CBSE showed transparency in their methods, or else who knows, how many innocent lives will be lost to this vast system?

By: Anamika Bhaumik

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