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This is how you can make your spring friendly this season

A new season calls for a new skincare regime. There are a few simple selected changes to be introduced into your routine to prepare your skin for sunnier days to come ahead.

Here are some tweaks suggested by The Independent:

Exfoliate your way!

The first and foremost hack is to scrub up the dead cells off your skin to get an instant glow. Using a gentle scrub can help you achieve that while also unblocking pores and leftover makeup products.

Tip: For best results, follow with a hydrating mask a couple of times a week for a hydrated skin and smooth complexion.

Make the necessary switch!

While winter months ask for heavy loaded winter creams, it is always best to switch them to lighter lotions to cope up with summer heat.

Slather up the sunblock

It is important to swap a regular cold cream with a moisturiser with an inbuilt SPF (Sun Protection Formula) level of at least 50.

A lot of people forget to adhere to it as they get out of habit after staying hidden under many layers of clothes in winters.

Pamper your eyes

Your eyes need extra care and protection during sunnier months to come ahead. In order to combat fine lines and wrinkles, a good eye cream is a must to combat the harshness the sun and effects of squinting in sun rays.

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