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Burger King Makes Hrithik Their New Brand Ambassador, But He Says ‘Not Done’

Edited By: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: Actor Hritik Roshan

13 June, 2022 (New Delhi): If jugaad was a burger then Burger King is the king of jugaad in the Indian burger industry and we are saying this after watching the viral video below. The video shows Hrithik Roshan walking towards a movie set where he is stopped by a paparazzi for pictures. But, the twist comes when Hrithik starts to pose for the pic and two men can be seen behind him holding a billboard of Burger King smartly holding it up and down just in time to click the actor with the Burger King Billboard. Surprisingly, It all happened so suddenly that it went unnoticed by Hritik and he couldn’t understand what’s going on there. Thus, it looks as if he is endorsing the brand.

But, wait! This smart move by Burger King does not go well with the actor, who took to Twitter tagging the brand and said, “this is not done”. Many fans too supported the actor and said this is not right. It was all preplanned in reality. The smart advertisement has managed to baffle many!

The video has started a conversation on the internet. From brands to netizens all jumped in. Spotify India hilariously wrote, “Jugaad is playing dhoom machale in the background to feel that Bollywood main character energy.”

Amazon prime also said, “Free advertisement ka pata nahi, par free entertainment kaise dena hai woh humein definitely pata hai”. Swiggy India too jokingly said, “Brands commenting in comments is the real jugaad.”

Some users reacted to the video and said “Ye meri shaktiyon ka galat istemal kiya gaya hai,” Staged but nicely played,” said another. Others simply praised the advertising concept and called it a “superb” idea.

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