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Bureaucracy under Make-Over In UP. Angry Minister Locked Down The Office

It seems like the bureaucracy of Uttar Pradesh is seeing a makeover. Uttar Pradesh system, which is the synonym to corrupt and crooked, is now seeing a new day of the light. In a series of orders passed by the new CM soon coming to the power, sent the message to the masses that Uttar Pradesh government is not like the previous government.  Following the same legacy of the CM Yogi Adityanath, Agriculture Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Surya Pratap Shahi, made a surprise visit to the Agriculture directorate.



Surya Pratap Shahi made a surprise visit to the Agriculture directorate, which sent the panic shock across the staff. The minister locked down all the gates of the building, which made the staffs stand outside the building.

The staffs who came late were kept waiting outside the building after the order passed by the minister to lock the gate. In an attempt to make their way inside the building, people tried to jump off the wall. Taking the firm stand on the issue, and to send the message in the government sector, the minister directed the staff to mark them as an absent.



The Agriculture Minister also ask them to cut-off a day salary’s from all the staff who didn’t come on time.

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