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Bullying is as harmful as accident. See what happens to Mahira Khan

The negative comments directed at Mahira Khan after pictures of her and Ranbir Kapoor went viral have reportedly taken a toll on her health. It has been a week since Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor and Pakistani actress Mahira Khan’s pictures got leaked online. The photos went viral under hours after they were leaked when these two were spotted bumming a cigarette in a corner of New York.

The audiences on Twitter took the liberty to give their opinions and troll the two, especially Mahira for her choice of clothes and her behaviour. Ranbir blasted everyone who trolled the actress in response to that. However, we remain without a response of the actress herself.

Maybe not a response, but we did get an update of the actress. According to a source, “Mahira has faced severe criticism for her pictures with Ranbir Kapoor, on social media, much more than Ranbir, because she is a woman. Apparently, Mahira has been “quite depressed” since the pictures hit the internet, in spite of her friends and colleagues coming to her defense.

Some feel the pictures were leaked out deliberately by a Bollywood celeb. She received support from a range of Bollywood celebs like Parineeti Chopra, Kriti Sanon, and more. Her close friends like celebrity makeup artist Adnan Ansari and director Mira Sethi, who is directing her in Saat Din also came up in support and adds by saying on Instagram, “She (Mahira) is the kindest, strongest person I know. Everybody who knows her respects and loves her. Stop judging, one picture vs her whole career. Mahira is okay, as I just read the news that she is suffering from fever.”

By: Aviral Nigam

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