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Brooms, Folding Beds, Pressure Cooker Tops The List On The Most Check-In Request On International Bound Flights: Reports

Indian flyers are often a nightmare according to the flight attendants. There have been many incidents as once, a passenger from Melbourne to New Delhi create such a mess in the plane after getting drunk that he allegedly tore the clothes of the attendants and had to be tied to his seats.

Now there seems to be the problem of the Indians luggage travelling abroad.

According to the Virgin Atlantic Airways, the list of items frequently requested for check-in by passengers travelling from Delhi to London includes; bed-head from India to use in their new homes in the UK and brooms – a very common check-in request followed by folding beds. “(Indian) students usually ask if they can carry mangoes and pressure cookers, Maggi and ready to eat food packs,” the airline said.

“The findings featured a strong variety of animals, ranging from fish and a budgie on a customer’s shoulder along with several car parts including an engine. There also seems to be regional patterns, with… loose tyres common place in Lagos,” it added.

However, Indians are definitely not the best behaved when it comes to flying global. A probe by the UAE aviation authorities into the crash-landing of an Emirates flight at Dubai in September 2016, in which 80% were Indians, showed that Indians don’t follow instructions even when it comes to crisis times. The UAE report said that flyers evacuated the plane with their handbags despite being told by the crew not to do so.

“We Indians even on a bloody holiday are in a hurry. Hurry to check in, hurry for security checks, hurry to board the aircraft, hurry to pick our luggage even before the flight touches the ground and hurry to get out of the aircraft even before stairs arrive or sky walk is connected to the aircraft,” said a user, who describes himself as a frequent flier. He also points out that Indians love ‘free’ things and often end up taking too many candies, peanuts and wet tissues for their entire family.

Stealing headphones and blankets, not switching off the phone during take-offs or landings despite warnings, taking selfies and pictures inside the flight when asked not to do so, not making way or getting up from the seat for fellow passengers were also listed as some of the reasons that make Indians terrible travellers.

By: Simran Dhingra

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