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Breaking The VVIP Culture, PM Modi Reaches Delhi Airport Without Any Traffic Diversion

PM Modi never leaves any chance to impress the citizen. Whether wearing that cool jacket in public meeting or fulfilling the demands that were requested by people. PM Modi had left no people disappointed with their need. From helping a girl financially for her wedding to giving the scarf to a girl that PM Modi wore on an occasion while unveiling the Shiva statue in Coimbatore, Modi knows how to impress the people.


And, adding to the list of these impressions, PM Modi travelled from Lok Kalyan Marg to Delhi Airport in normal traffic with no route restriction.




There are hundreds of people included just for the security of the PM. 100s of security personnel, police personnel and traffic police cover and ensures the safety of the PM.


With this decision, PM Modi not only reduced the workload of the entire security personnel but also avoided the hassle that would be faced by the people.


In a time when VVIP culture is on a rise and the cases like Ravindra Gaikwad makes the headlines of the newspaper, this action by PM Modi sends a strong message to all the VVIPs of the country that now is the chance to think that they are also the “AAM Nagrik” of the country.


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