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Breaking: Kejriwal tore copy of Agriculture Law in Delhi assembly: Know More

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tore the copy of agricultural laws during the special session at Delhi Legislative Assembly.

He said what was the need to pass these laws during the epidemic. Kejriwal further added, ‘This is the first time that three laws have been passed without voting in Rajya Sabha. I tear off the copy of these laws and appeal to the Center not to be worse than the British. ‘

Kejriwal said that more than 20 farmers have died during the movement, a farmer is getting martyred every day. “How many more sacrifices will have to be given to the farmers to make their voices heard?”

After the session, Kejriwal said that the Delhi Legislative Assembly has rejected all three agricultural laws. At the same time appealed to the Central Government to withdraw these black laws.

On the other hand, the farmers who are protesting at the ticking border have said that they are ready to talk to the government, but will not give up opposition to agricultural laws. He said that the government is now resorting to the Supreme Court to save its ego.

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