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No Fear No Favour

#BoycottPatanjali became trending again on Twitter amid farmers protest.

By Ishank Katyal

Baba Ramdev has now booked himself into another controversy since hashtags like #BoycottPatanjali and #ArrestRamdev has become trending on Twitter since Tuesday morning.

In November last year, Baba Ramdev called BR Ambedkar and Periar EV Ramaswamy ‘intellectual terrorists. In June 2020, Patanjali’s CEO Acharya Balkrishna got framed for his links with Nepal. But this time, netizens are once again calling of the boycott of Patanjali Products but in the context of farmers protests.

But what connection does nation’s biggest farmers protest have with Patanjali Ayurved? And why it is getting on trending no. 5 on Twitter with almost 30,000 tweets?

Various verified Twitter profiles like Tribal Army and its founder Hansraj Meena tweeted “We stand with farmers” with hashtag #BoycottPatanjali on Tuesday morning.

From what we know thus far, this trend is not a retaliation against any specific recent action by the company. Rather, this appears to be a diatribe against the company and its practices as a whole. While some have alleged that Patanjali enjoys the fruits of farmers’ labour, others appear to be incensed by the fact that the company has kept mum in recent days.

Many have also taken this as an opportunity to bring out recent controversies involving Patanjali – from their COVID-19 ‘cure’ to allegations that they’re selling adulterated honey.

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