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No Fear No Favour

Bollywood, whom you are selling those dreams to?

Bobby, a 1973 movie, which deals with teen-age love, emotions and college romance. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar another youth centric movie dealing with same emotions. Mohabbatein, another classic from yash raj studios, which shows the love life of three college students which falls in love with girls of another college. Moving onto the same genre, movies like Aakash Vani and Raanjhana, too, tops our list in the teenage love and romance.

Since then, bollywood has travelled a long journey with respect to the quality of the movies that are being served to the audience. The stories are well written and well plotted. Bollywood has given many movies that are love-centric. They have made youngster to fall in love, feel love. Bollywood had played its part, through movies, to fall in love. This very idea of love is being fed by our directors to every young generation.

Sadly, bollywood had failed to hit the taste buds of the major portion of the country, THE SOCIETY. This, ingredient of love, had failed to change the taste of the India’s older generation including our own Indian parents.

Bollywood is selling dreams to Indian society to fall in love, but had failed on many grounds to convince them, mainly, our parents. In India, love is still considered a taboo. You cannot go to your parents and disclose your relationship you have with opposite gender. The roots of age old Indian tradition had grown so strong into the society that they can’t get over of “samaj kya kahega?” thing. If you, god forbid, fall in love and are gone public, your relationship status soon is a hot topic among those “maholla waali aunties” you reside in and we all know what happens next. Your parents will soon start searching a “suitable bachelor” for you and to overcome that “puuri birdaari mein naak kata di” vaali thing.

What can you expect from a country, where peeing in public is acceptable but roaming with your lover in a public park on a valentine’s eve is not. If you have that much of courage, then surely you will get a good bashing from that so called “bharat ki parampara ke rakh vale” gang, or by our police. Or, if not that, and if you are (un)fortunate, these gang will make you marry to each other then and there. The rest depends on your parents to understand if they agree to this not-so-fancy-and-an-un-planned-marriage of yours with that girl.

Another factor that comes into play is the cowardice nature. In a country where each and every decision is taken by your family members and the inability to decide what you want in life for yourself. Your parents decide your school, your future career option and then these people will go ahead and say I don’t want the tension of looking for someone for myself. They’ve never had the ability to take responsibilities for their own actions and decisions.

And to conclude the argument, here’s a quick comparison table

What you need for an arranged marriage :

a) Income

b) Very fair skin, tall, slim proportions

c) Connections within your religion/community

d) The ability to throw a big fat wedding and lots of relatives to show off to.

What you need for a love marriage:

a) A person who you can fall and be in love with.

b) Time to decide if it’ll work out with.

c) Courage to stand up-to all the nosy people around you.

d) The ability to stand by each other regardless of peer/parental pressure

BY: Ananya Pandit

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