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Bollywood celebs reveal their plans to watch of watching the EPIC match between India and Pakistan.

Arch-rivals India and Pakistan are all set to clash against each other in the Champions Trophy in Birmingham, today. And the fact that it’s happening on Sunday, is nothing less than a blessing. If you thought you are the only one who has canceled all your plans to watch the big match, then maybe you should read how your favorite celebs are plans. The celebrities told Hindustan Times how they have changed or canceled their work plans to accommodate the match.

Alia Bhatt

I am going to be a cheerleader (laughs). So, I may not know the ‘B’ of bowling or batting, but I understand that if an India’s match is on, everyone has to sit in front of a television, not change the [seating] position [if the match is at a critical stage] and just keep cheering on. I didn’t follow the entire season of IPL but when Mumbai Indians won, I was really happy and felt great. So, I am the best cheerleader (smiles).

Akshay Kumar

Shahid Kapoor

It’s going to be a huge match and it’s always exciting to watch an India-Pakistan match, as this clash evokes maximum enthusiasm. Unfortunately, I will be [today] travelling but I will try my best to watch as much of it as possible. I am really kicked about it.

Varun Dhawan

I won’t be at home as I’m going to be shooting with my dad (director David Dhawan) today. But the great thing is that he is the biggest cricket fan, so we have made some special plans to keep taking breaks between shots and watch the big match.

Sidharth Malhotra

Not many may believe that I am cancelling my work plans to sit at home and watch the match. After all, it doesn’t get bigger and exciting than an India-Pakistan match, especially at the CT.

Ayushmann Khurrana

Although I’m shooting on Sunday, I will watch the second half of the match live. I plan to go home quickly post pack-up. I’m sure I’ll reach [home] fast because there’ll obviously be less traffic. Sigh. I wish I could see the entire match though.

So are you ready to watch the biggest clash of the year? Can’t wait!!

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