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Black Widow 2, possibility might turn into reality

Cate shortland, director of most loved MCU creation BLACK WIDOW, ambushed all fans with the slightest possibility of its sequel.

According to her “MCU fans are all interested in seeing more of them”. Of course after encountering Scarlett Johansson’s playing masterful character of Natasha Romanoff aka black widow, audience is wooed and cannot await to see her portraying more such role.

Talking about new MCU entrants, Florence Pugh, Yelena Belova and David Harbour kept audience on the edge with their thrilling performance. They were all welcomed by die hard, loyal fans for their spectacular performance.

When asked about possibility of Black widow 2 cate said- “I think they are all great characters and, I think what people want to see is female super hero rocking”.

Excitement flushed over MCU fans as black widow hit theatres. It is predicted to be the biggest box office draw in the covid-19 pandemic era.

Overthrowing Vin Diesel and John Cana’s F9.

Reviews of both fans and critics like on equal ground.

When director was finally asked about the sequel by comic book in an interview she answered that it is because of “great characters” in the movie.

Possibility show a sequel might star Scarlett Johansson, but as Nat’s fate is already sealed in avenger’s endgame, we might expect someone new to continue her legacy

Not outright confirming black widow 2, care did give her seal of approval to the possibility of their being a sequel.

What do you think the story might turn out, and what can be its wildest fantasy, please share it with us right below in our comment box, let the thrill begins.

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