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No Fear No Favour

BJP UP leader attacked Priyanka Gandhi and called her “Fake Gandhi”.

The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) leader attacked Priyanka Gandhi for visiting the protesters of CAA in Muzaffarnagar and Meerut.
The CM of the state took to Twitter to show his criticism for her actions.
“Why so much sympathy for those who burn your property, sabotage it ? Why do they stand today with miscreants who damage peace, security and public property of the country?” the UP chief minister said in a tweet.
Another UP minister Shrikant Sharma indirectly called Priyanka Gandhi as “Fake Gandhi”.

“First, the Congress as indeed the rest of the opposition incited violence and are now siding with arsonists,” said Sharma. He added, “The government targeted those who instigated violence but the SP, BSP and the Congress gave its silent nod to violence. Now, as the government is acting against those who damaged public property the ‘fake Gandhis’ and co are busy connecting with arsonists and busy glorifying them.”

In response to the BJP spokesperson comment UP Congress leader, Zeeshan Haidar said, “In their desperation, the BJP and its leaders have lost all political decency and are behaving like power hungry men. Moreover, those who never participated in the freedom struggle are now claiming moral high ground before a party with a history of sacrifices.”

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