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Bizarre!! Rajasthan Man Clueless About 75 Pins Embedded In Body

A human pin cushion, that’s what Badrilal Meena of Rajasthan has turned into.

The 56-year-old railway employee has 75 stationery pins embedded deep under the skin of his neck, forearms and legs, a case doctors are finding it hard to pin down.

There are no visible marks to suggest the inch-long pins were pierced into his skin; either by him or someone else.

And the man from Barda village in Bundi district doesn’t know how he got them.

“There are no pins or perforations visible in the stomach, oesophagus or intestines to suggest he swallowed them,” said B Panda, the surgeon treating Meena at Kota railway hospital.

Meena’s condition was detected at a private hospital in Kota this April when he went there to treat his aching right foot and diabetes.


(This report was published in Hindustan Times)

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