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Bizarre! Panchayat In Uttar Pradesh’s Madora Village Call For A Ban On Women Who Uses Cell Phones

A shocking news came into light  from Mathura District, Uttar Pradesh, the Panchayat of Madora village has adopted  on a strange way to put a leash on increasing crimes against women in the village. The village Panchayat decided that imposing fines was the answer to some of the problems they were facing.

In a recent incident, a fine of Rs 21,000 has been imposed on a village girl for talking on the mobile phone while roaming on streets. The fine came in as the Panchayat thought that girls talking on phones increases crime against them and aids in their eloping.

However, it is not the only ‘rule’ which was passed made by the Panchayat. There are two more ‘rules’ which include:

As per the Panchayat, anyone found indulging in cow slaughter or cow theft will have to shell out a whooping sum of Rs 2 lakh. Also, if the Panchayat finds that someone is selling liquor in the village, the person will be fined an amount of Rs 1.11 lakh.

However, the quantum of punishment, apart from penalty, will be decided by the entire Panchayat. The decision to this effect was announced on Tuesday by Mohd Gaffar, who is a former village Pradhan.

While addressing an event, the BJP leaders said that there is no need of this device for girls in schools. The Aligarh Mayor, Shakuntala Bharti said, “Why do young school going girls need mobile phones? It is one of the reasons why girls of Aligarh are going in a wrong direction and meeting wrong people”.

Earlier on April 30, Sanjeev Raja, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA, along with Aligarh Mayor, Shakuntala Bharti stirred a controversy after they demanded a ban on mobile phones for girls in school. The ban came in after some BJP leaders alleged that it is because of mobile phones that the ‘girls from Aligarh are going in a wrong direction’.

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