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Big jolt to Karishma Kapoor

One of famous actress Karisma Kapoor’s trouble is not coming to an end as her boyfriend Sandeep Toshniwal’s wife Dr Ashrita had initiated the preliminary proceedings of divorce, after years of steadfastly refusing to end the marriage in court.

But Karisma’s happiness has been rather short-lived because justsix days later, the divorce proceedings have yet again run into rough waters.

Earlier Sandeep and Ashrita had mutually decided on an alimony payment which will include Rs 2 Crore for Ashrita and Rs 3 Crore each for both the daughters (11 yrs and 6 yrs each) in lump sum. The former couple had decided to file divorce with ‘mutual consent’ but just days later, the scene has changed and how!

On Tuesday, buzz is, Ashrita appeared in court and made it clear that though she is OK with the money, she will not comply with the demand to declare the investments she makes with the amount.

That is the protocol when settlements are made in court to ensure that the right heir gets his/her money.

No wonder, the court proceedings ended in chaos. Soon, Ashrita and Sandeep’s lawyers were shouting at each other and the mudslinging began.  Ashrita will now be cross-examined in court once again.

Naturally, ‘mutual consent’ has fallen through and the divorce is back to square one.

Sandeep Toshniwal got married Ashrita in 2003. Interestingly, Karisma Kapoor married businessman Sunjay Kapur in 2003. Karisma divorced Sunjay in June 2016 and he married Priya Sachdev last week

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