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Beware!! That Dog You Find Cute, May Be A Suicide Bomber. Yes, We Are Not Joking

As what can shock to millions of people and spread fear in the world, the ISIS may now been using 600 dogs and other animals equipped with bombs and are being used to carry out suicide attacks on the Iraqi Army forces, an Iraqi officer said.

At the moment, ISIS is trying hard to hinder the advancing Iraqi Army as they edge closer to Mosul.

If the reports and figures are to be believed by the Iraqi Army, from the past many months, since the battle of Mosul began, ISIS terrorists have carried out 100 suicide bombing in different regions.

Mr Abbas from the Iraqi army says, “The army is informed about the new tactics from the terrorist, and army is fully prepared to counter the new move by the terrorist”

He also added, “The possibility of ISIS using other animals to carry out suicide attacks and said they’ll do whatever it takes because don’t have anywhere else to escape”

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